Medical Negligence Reports

Medico-Legal Chambers was established in 2000, having evolved from Philip Coleridge Smith’s own medico-legal practice. At that time agencies were being established to provide medico-legal reports and it became clear that experts working together could provide the range of services required by solicitors and barristers.
Head of Chambers

Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Medical Expert Witness

Philip Coleridge Smith, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, is a highly experienced medical expert witness having prepared many reports over 20 years. Mr Coleridge Smith takes instructions from claimants, defendants or on a joint basis, in both medical negligence and personal injury cases. He also has extensive experience in giving evidence and being cross-examined in court, having attended over 100 trials and inquests in the UK and Ireland.
He is currently training other experts in the provision of medical negligence reports and the expertise necessary to give oral evidence.

Mr Coleridge smith is widely published in medical periodicals and textbooks on vascular surgical subjects. He is recognised as an international expert in venous disease and thrombosis.

Mr Coleridge Smith is a member of the Society of Expert Witnesses and the Expert Witness Institute.

Surgical Profile

Mr Coleridge Smith is a world-renowned surgeon in the field of venous disorders, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. He has participated on a number of UK and EU governmental medical bodies. He has lectured around the world on topics relating to venous thrombosis and is a frequent presenter at international conferences.

His vascular practice is based both in London and the Vein Clinic and Beacon Hospital in Dublin.

For more details of Mr Coleridge Smith’s surgical practice, see www.varicose-veins.ie and the Vein Clinic and Beacon Hospital in Dublin.

Experts working for the Chambers

Members of the Chambers have a wide variety of specialities. Reports are prepared by the relevant expert chosen from our database of over 100 medical expert witnesses with a proven track record of producing medico-legal reports. The Chambers encourage new consultants to prepare reports under supervision, so that they are provided with support at all stages during the preparation of their initial reports.

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